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He Said/She Said by Erin Kelly - Review

Monday, March 13, 2017

This was an adult novel that I came across while browsing NetGalley. The blurb appealed to me so I requested it and then started it when I was browsing my Kindle app. I did like it, but don't think it's appropriate for teens. So if that's you, this book probably isn't for you.

The book stars Laura and Kit, and flips between two time periods and places. Firstly, Laura and Kit are a young couple in 1999, in Cornwall, at the time of the total eclipse there. They've gone with Mac, Kit's twin, and Ling, Laura's best friend, who are also a couple. Things are sort of strained, but Laura and Kit sneak off together to watch the eclipse. When it's finished, Laura walks between some equipment at the festival and comes across two people having sex. She's pretty sure that the woman is being raped, and immediately says so. The woman is Beth, and the rapist is called Jamie. He says the sex is consensual, she says it isn't. Laura gets Beth to the police and eventually the case comes to court and Laura and Kit have to give evidence.

Meanwhile, in 2015, Laura is pregnant with twins and Kit, who is passionate about eclipses, is about to leave to go to the Faroe Islands to see another one. Laura is incredibly anxious about this, and as the story unwinds we learn that she befriended Beth after the court case and things started to unravel. Since then, Laura and Kit have been in fear for their lives and have changed their names and so on.

The narrative switches points of view between the two times and between Laura and Kit. I found that the two were quite similar in voice, which was a bit annoying, and they're both quite unreliable narrators and utterly dislikeable in parts. Still, I liked the book and the story gripped me quite a lot. There is a lot of violence, bad language, and of course the central rape, so take care of yourself if you do read it.

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