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Christmas Book Haul

Monday, January 8, 2018

I thought I'd write a post about the books I got for Christmas! I got lots, which is lovely because I do love books. I own around 750 paper books, which is... a lot. But they're all so pretty and gorgeous, I can't stop acquiring more. Here's what I got:

This is one of the Secret Santas I did, I had to send a wishlist and this book, The Princess and the Suffragette, was on it. I LOVED A Little Princess when I was little so I'm excited to read this

This swap was a thrifty gift swap where everything had to be thrifty/secondhand, or handmade. These books are all so intriguing! The top one looks like a perfect summer read

These were from Shannon, through her own swap. I think I had Let It Snow on my wishlist, but if not then I definitely do want to read it! Cinder looks very unlike my normal kind of thing but I like being pushed out of my comfort zone and the premise looks really interesting

I actually bought Another Place and The Sister for myself in the Works, on 2 for £5. I've read In Bloom by Matthew Crow so thought I would give this one a go too. My friend Laura bought me Mistletoe and Murder, which I'm excited about as I'm not sure I've ever read a P D James book even though I grew up with lots in the house. My mother-in-law bought me Moonrise; she'd asked Lee what book I'd like and he saw this on my wishlist. I really love Sarah Crossan so I'll have to read this one too. Then the final one is about the village we live in, it's a self-published kind of thing off a stall in Barnsley market. I haven't fully looked through yet so there might be a picture of my 115 year old house!

I have to confess I bought all these books for myself! Wordery was having a sale before Christmas and I got all of these plus one more for just under £40. Bargain! I've heard loads of good things about the Philip Pullman book so I took a chance on it. Black Cairn Point looked really intriguing and was like £2.50 so it dropped into my basket. I've heard good things about Mal Peet so this one looked ideal to start off with. The premise of Tell It to the Moon intrigued me, again. I loved Judith Kerr when I was younger so I picked up Bombs on Aunt Dainty. I own pretty much everything else by Patrick Ness, so buying Release seemed ideal.... although I've just had a nasty feeling that I already own it, whoops.... And finally - did you know I share my birthday with Edgar Allen Poe? It's January the 19th! So I thought I would finally read something by him, and this illustrated copy of some poems and short stories is absolutely beautiful!

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