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Close to Home by Cara Hunter - Review

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

I got this book recently from Janet in the book swap, and it reminded me how much I really wanted to read it. It had been on my wishlist for ages, since I read a review of it on my friend Jo's site, I think. I do like a police procedural; I find them easy to read and not too taxing on the brain.

So in Close to Home, a little girl called Daisy Mason has gone missing from a family party. Supposedly dressed in a daisy costume, no one saw her after around 11pm. Was she taken by a random stranger, by someone at the party, or by someone closer to home? DI Adam Fawley knows that often it is someone within the family.

And he's not short of suspects. Daisy's dad Barry is a builder, has no alibi. He's also been on dating websites. He says he was driving around before the party, but it turns out that could have been when Daisy disappeared. Her mum Sharon is cold, keeping very much to herself, and isn't behaving how people think she "should" after Daisy's disappearance. Daisy's brother Leo, only slightly older than her, is odd too, clearly keeping secrets and finding life difficult.

Parts of the book are told from Adam's point of view, which I liked, but found it frustrating how we were drip fed the story of what had recently happened in his family. This is the first book, though, so I'm sure we'll see more of Adam's history in less awkward ways in future books. Parts are told from the points of view of some of his underlings. I liked Verity Everett a lot (although found that a really awkward name to be said out loud???), I think she'll go far. Then there's also Facebook and Twitter posts, which I could have lived without, but I did like how they often had correct information without knowing it.

I liked the book, but I will say that I found the drip feeding of information quite annoying in places. There were also unnecessary cliffhangers quite a lot which really frustrated me. But, I read this in a really short amount of time, enjoyed it, and will definitely look for more of this series in the future. I'm giving it four out of five.

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