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Queenie by Alice Munro

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

I was buying books recently and I thought I would buy Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams as I've been wanting to read it after several recommendations. When I searched, this title came up too. It was only 50p so I added it to the basket. It's a short story, so it's not huge at all. I read it one Sunday morning while chilling out.

It's a story about Chrissy, a woman in her late teens at the time of the story. She has gone to Toronto to stay with her stepsister Queenie. She has run off with a neighbour, Mr Vorguilla, and got married. When she lived at home with Chrissy and their parents, Mrs Vorguilla was alive and Queenie did jobs for them and was paid for it. Now Mrs Vorguilla is dead and Queenie has run away.

She had to write and ask Chrissy's dad for some money. Chrissy arrives into Toronto for the summer, with the idea of getting a job there. Queenie and Mr Vorguilla - Stan - are living in just a few rooms in a house owned by a Greek couple who lives upstairs. Chrissy has to sleep in a sun porch, and soon gets the idea that Mr Vorguilla isn't pleased that she's there.

It's a very good story about Queenie and what her place is now, about her new life, about the relationship she has with her husband, about how she is trying to be grown up although she's barely out of her teens. I really liked it, I would have read more!

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