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The Last Place You Look by Kristen Lepionka - Review

Thursday, February 25, 2021


I recently saw an advert on Instagram for a company called A Box of Stories, which purports to save books from landfill by selling subscription boxes to customers. They do quarterly subscriptions for just under £15 per box, for four books, which I felt was acceptable. That included tracked shipping, too. 

I also joined the Facebook group, which is pretty active, and where people share photos of their boxes. I had seen all of these books in other people's boxes before I received mine, and thought at least a couple of them looked interesting. So I was pleased to get all these books, and picked up The Last Place You Look almost straight away. 

It's about a Private Investigator called Roxane Weary. Before the start of the book, she has fairly recently lost her father, who was a cop called Frank and with whom she had a fractious relationship. She is sleeping with his ex cop partner, Tom, but she's certain it's just sex. Frank was an alcoholic and Roxane and her brothers are both following in similar footsteps. Roxane is living pretty hard, losing days to just checking out. 

A woman called Danielle hires Roxane to look into her brother's case. Brad Stockton was convicted of murdering his girlfriend Sarah's parents fifteen years ago, and now faces execution by the state in less than two months. He has always maintained his innocence, but can't explain how a knife turned up in the trunk of his car. Danielle is sure that she saw Sarah near a gas station in the small town she was from. Roxane heads down to look for her. 

She soon finds herself heading into danger, following leads and dead ends. Could there be a link with other Belmont teens who have gone missing? Could Sarah really be alive after all this time? Someone keeps threatening Roxane and she appears to have local police on her tail too. 

I really enjoyed the book - I liked Roxane and wanted her to succeed. I like her family background. I liked how fearless she was. I liked the mystery and even though it's quite a short book I thought there was a lot of story within it. I would read another in the series if there is one - I'll have to go look! I'm giving this four out of five. 

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