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Incomplete Vol 1 and 2 by Chloe McGenn - Review and Giveaway

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

My brilliant friend Chloe is an excellent artist and has done many things in the time I've known her, including making jewellery from doll heads and limbs, and running a shop in Leeds, but for the past few years she's been working on a graphic novel, Incomplete. The novel is about two boys who fall in love; Pip, who is able bodied, and Matt, who is paralysed by an accident on the rugby pitch. The book is partly based on Chloe's experience - her partner Ian was paralysed by an accident on the rugby pitch when he was sixteen. Chloe met him a few years later and as their relationship grew she did loads of research into people who are living with spinal injuries. The books aren't totally autobiographical though, but it is nice as a reader to see glimpses of their lives shine through.

I love Pip - he's enthusiastic, and irascible, and has a lovely character that shines through the books. He always wear brightly patterned shirts, which Chloe has spent a lot of time working on, and it shows. Matt is less easy to get to know, but I love how quiet and patient he is. 

The books are so beautifully drawn and there's the cleaned up drawings and text, but every now and then there's a "pencil sketch", like the original drawing, and I love that Chloe has left these in. There's a gorgeous one of Matt sitting up in his chair in the second volume. 

Chloe has very generously offered a giveaway for my blog! If you live in the UK, you can win BOTH volumes of the comic, so you can see Pip and Matt's relationship from the beginning to them getting serious in Book 2. If you live abroad, we're sorry, but due to postage costs we can only offer Volume 1. 

All you have to do to win is leave a comment on this post! 

Chloe at work!


  1. That looks really cool. Your friend sounds incredibly creative!

  2. Am Spinal Injury and stuck at home ..would love to read both books.

    1. Hi! You're our winner! If you could email me I'd be very grateful



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