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H.A.W.K.S by M A Bennett - Review

Monday, October 3, 2022

You can find all my previous reviews of M A Bennett's books here. I have read all of this series and reviewed them! I am sad this series has come to an end, but I have really enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to what M A Bennett writes next! 

I bought this very soon after I read T.I.G.E.R.S. and picked up very soon after because I wanted to see how the series ended. The book takes place when Greer has finished her exams. She's about to leave STAGS for the last time when she gets another invitation slipped under her door. This time it's an invite to attend the Lammas hunt on the 1st of August on the Isle of Skye. She will be visiting the castle of the MacLeods. Fiona MacLeod is the mother of Louis and Cass, Henry's cousins. Now that Henry is supposedly dead, Louis is the heir to the earldom and is making repairs to Longcross, the family seat of the de Warlencourts. There remains the mystery about who killed Rollo de Warlencourt, and of course Henry is biding his time until he can show himself and reassert his place as the rightful heir. 

But now Greer has this invitation, and as she's been working to bring down the Dark Order of the Great Stag, she feels her life is at risk. She thinks she will be hunted, as Henry did to her at the first weekend at Longcross. She assembles her crew around her - Henry, of course, for whom she still has feelings after he confessed his love for her, Shafeen, who she is still going out with, Nel, Ty, and the new Abbot, Nathaniel Ridley. Ty has contacts who know things about the school and the Dark Order, so on their way to Skye the group stops to meet Ratio. He has a HAWK, a powerful drone, that will follow Greer wherever she is on Skye and make sure she's safe. 

So far, so STAGS. On Skye, Greer is once again thrust into the workings of the upper echelons - fancy dinners, Mediaevals, posh people who don't mean what they say. Things happen between Greer and Henry, and when he reveals to the crowd that he is still alive, Louis is less than happy. 

I felt like this was a good ending to the series. There was plenty of intrigue and plenty of that stuff that made the first book so compelling. I did guess some of the twists but as always, I'm not sure if a younger reader would or not. I loved the setting of Skye and the eerie, Wicker Man esque feel to the whole thing. Five out of five from me. I have loved Greer and her friends and this look into the utter privilege of the upper classes. I'll miss it!

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