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Christmas is Murder by Val McDermid - Review

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

My friend Janet does monthly posts on her instagram where she posts books that are on Kindle for very cheap, many of which she's read. In November she recommended this book of short stories by Val McDermid, it was 99p so I took the chance and bought it. I saved it for near to Christmas and I also tried to read more e books in December as I knew I would be away and it's easy to take my tablet with me rather than taking a book or two. 

I'm writing this a few weeks later so I don't entirely remember all the stories, but two were using pre existing characters of Val's, police officers that she has already written about, so I'm sure if you were a fan of those characters you'd like these two stories. I'm not familiar with a lot of Val's books so didn't know the officers, but I liked the stories anyway. I also enjoyed the one about the mansion owner found under a tree at Christmas, and the one about someone poisoning people through festive treats. I really enjoyed the different nature to each of these stories - it's such a talent to be able to write short stories well.

I'm giving this five out of five. 

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