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So Late in the Day by Claire Keegan - Review

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

After I read another Claire Keegan book at the beginning of the year, I mentioned her on my book club WhatsApp, and Helena brought this book along for me to borrow. It's tiny - just forty seven pages long - so barely a novella really. But it is a good little story and as with her previous book there's a lot in what isn't said. 

So anyway, Cathal is probably about thirty-five ish - it's not stated and honestly he seems older, but he talks about wanting children with his fiancee, which gives a certain age range I think - and he's at work one Friday afternoon and everyone is being overly nice to him. His boss tells him to go home, but he doesn't; instead he stays until 5pm as usual and gets the bus home from Dublin to Arklow as usual. He starts to think about his relationship with Sabine, who was German or something - not Irish, anyway - and to whom Cathal was engaged. I think he did love her, but he was quite particular and was also quite resentful of the amount she spent on food ingredients to cook. Honestly it didn't sounded like he treated her brilliantly and, in fact, they have broken up and this day was supposed to be their wedding day.

I liked the book and am giving it four out of five! 

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