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Eating for England by Nigel Slater - Review

Monday, June 17, 2024

I picked this book up in a charity shop last year, I think. It's been down the side of the bed for ages. I've decided for June I'm just reading books by LGBTQ+ authors and/or about queer characters, so I knew this fitted as Nigel is not straight. I read Toast by him well over a decade ago, which is a brilliant autobiography told through food. So I thought I would like this, which is little vignettes about food, especially foods that are typically found in the United Kingdom. However, I'm not sure that it really worked too well. For one thing, Nigel seemed to conflate 'English' and 'British' and made it sound like all the people in the UK eat all exactly the same things. He really should have mentioned some Scottish and Welsh foods too. Plus he repeated himself quite a lot. There's a lot of stuff at the beginning about biscuits, like selection boxes of biscuits, and how pink wafers are terrible, and then there's the same thing at the end of the book too. Sadly I really can't give this more than three out of five. I'm sorry for the short review too, but I just really don't have more to say!

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  1. I wonder if maybe this book was written for an American or international audience who I find also tend to conflate British with English - I often see things online that say "I was talking to a British guy and a Scottish guy" etc.



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