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Thursday, August 31, 2017

I recently saw Maximum Pop tweet the link to this post, which has links to the first chapter of a bunch of books released in August! How amazing is that? I went through them, reading the ones which caught my eye. Here's the ones I read:

Stags by M A Bennett. Greer is a student at an exclusive school called Stags when she is invited to the home of the 'best looking boy in the school', Henry de Warlencourt. While there she gets mixed up in something that ends in murder... I definitely want to read the rest of this!

It's All In Your Head by Rae Earl. This is mentioned on the site linked above, but there's no link to read the first chapter. It might have been removed or something. But I thought I'd mention this book anyway because I bought it recently. Rae Earl is the writer of My Mad Fat Diary, and I thought this sounded really interesting. It is subtitled "A Guide to Getting Your Shit Together" and it is something like a self help book, and it talks about lots of different mental health conditions. Many teens suffer from them, so if you do too, you're definitely not alone. I'm looking forward to reading this!

The Start of Me and You by Emery Lord. This has actually been re-released, I think, due to its inclusion in Zoella's 2017 book club. I haven't read it yet, though, although I'm pretty sure I own it in a different edition to the one I've linked to. Paige is about to start her junior year of high school, only she's known in her town as the girl whose boyfriend drowned. It's over a year since Aaron died, and Paige is ready to make a plan for the rest of her life. I was instantly drawn to this, I think Emery writes such interesting and believable characters.

T Is For Tree by Greg Fowler. Now, this is really creepy and kind of weird and I'm already intrigued! At the beginning, Eddy's mother Hailey abandons him in the hospital just after he is born. Twelve years later, Eddy lives with his grandmother and is banned from leaving his room, except on Shower Day. But the tree next to one of his windows is actually growing into the house. This already seems like a suffocating and creepy novel. It reminded me a lot of Room by Emma Donoghue, which isn't a YA novel but which I'd thoroughly recommend (although trigger warning for rape/sexual assault)

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