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Sunday, August 13, 2017

I didn't get to go to YALC this year. It was a combination of not having enough money and not having enough energy mentally or physically to go to London, stay over, go to the conference all day, and get home again. I'm hopeful that next year I might get there again, but I just couldn't this year.

All weekend, on Twitter, I kept seeing people having a great time, and I kept complaining to my partner that everyone was having a good time without me. I kept hearing about so many books that I wanted to buy or pre-order. I was having real Fear of Missing Out and I didn't like it one bit!

But then my lovely friend Kate came to my rescue and said that she had duplicates of a bunch of stuff that she'd picked up, and would I like it? I of course said yes, and a few days later a huge envelope of swag came dropping on to my doormat! I was overwhelmed by it all, and I need to go through it all and look up all the books that I haven't heard of to see if I'd like to buy them.

This is some samplers and badges, and a flash drive (does it have anything on it, I wonder), and the pink book is blank notebook. I am TOTALLY in love with the badges in the middle, they're Emery Lord badges about The Names They Gave Us and they are gorgeous. I'm intrigued to read the Holly Bourne sampler

More samplers. The white one is Clean by Juno Dawson, it's impossible to see here in the photo. I am really excited to read the Floored one, because I've heard SO much hype about this book, and the Paige Toon one will probably be pretty good too.

And here's a bunch of bookmarks and postcards. I'll put a couple of them up on my wall, and the others I might send to friends. I love the One Memory of Flora Banks bookmark. 

Thank you so much to Kate, I feel like I didn't totally miss out on YALC after all. 

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