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I Passed My Goodreads Challenge!

Sunday, October 21, 2018

I set myself a challenge on Goodreads to read sixty books this year, and I've now done that! I'm really pleased because anything I read for the rest of the year feels like a freebie!

In 2015 I set myself the fairly low challenge of 50 books, and I read 69. In 2016 I upped my game and set myself a challenge of 70 books, and I managed to smash that with 82 books read. Last year I got cocky and tried to get to 80 books, but I didn't manage it - I only read 78. I felt bad about it and I felt like I'd compromised myself a bit. So for 2018 I set my bar low again and also tried to implement better reading habits.

I am one of those people who always reads before bed. Lee and I generally head to bed around 10.30 and I scroll Twitter, then I read for probably half an hour before going to sleep. I often read at the weekend before lunchtime, and sometimes at tea time too (although sometimes I get distracted and just play games on my phone instead). If a book really grabs me I will do nothing but read it, Lee always thinks it's funny when that happens! If I'm going somewhere I usually take a book, but I don't commute or anything like that. I could read more, sure, but I do also do a lot of crafting which keeps me occupied too.

Next year I will try to read more, I think. I might put my challenge up to 65 books, because that feels achievable. I can implement better reading habits, for sure. I should read more books that I totally fall in love with.

For the last ten weeks for 2018 I would like to read another ten books, which would take me to 70. That feels like something I can do!

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