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Keep Her Close by Erik Therme Blog Tour

Saturday, June 22, 2019

I was offered the opportunity to join in the blog tour for Erik Therme's book Keep Her Close, so please do check out the other stops on the tour to see what they think of the book!

I was intrigued by the premise of this book when I heard it:

Three-year-old Ally was found alone in a parking lot.
She was barefoot and dressed only in a yellow sundress. In the middle of winter.
What kind of person would abandon their daughter?

Fifteen years later and Ally has a new family. 
But her real father has sent her a letter.
And now Ally is missing. 

So at the beginning of the book, Dan and Holly find a little girl in a parking lot by herself. They end up adopting her when police can't find her family. They divorce when Anna is a little bit older, and Holly remarries Steve.

Ally then goes off to college where she lives with a friend. At the beginning of the book she gets a letter, supposedly from her birth father, asking her to meet him. She's quite impulsive and a little immature for her age so although Dan says the letter is probably a crank, she decides to go and meet "Frank" anyway.

Holly and Dan turn up to see her and end up chasing round trying to find her. There's plenty of twists and turns along the way, some of which I found more believable than others. I did like the book, but felt it wasn't altogether long enough and didn't explain things enough in places for me. I liked Ally as a character and felt for her. I liked Dan's character and his choices even though they were sometimes quite stupid. I'm giving this three out of five.

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