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Roam by Erik Therme Blog Tour and Review

Sunday, August 18, 2019

I'm pleased to be joining in this blog tour for Erik Thermé's book Roam. I read another book by him a few months ago - Keep Her Close - so I was happy to read something else by the author. I read this while I was away camping which is one of my favourite times to settle down and read for an extended time!

Roam is being touted as a Young Adult novel but I don't agree at all - it skews much older than that. I think it's an adult novel, kind of a thriller. The main characters are between 18 and 21, which takes it out of the realm of YA really.

At the beginning of the book we meet Sarah and Matt, a couple who are out celebrating Sarah's 21st birthday. They've been for dinner, but then they get stranded at the side of the road. Matt starts to turn nasty and Sarah is obviously a little scared of him. She starts to walk for help, and then is picked up by two young men on their way home.

One of them ends up going home, but the other, Kevin, gives Sarah a lift home. When she argues with her mum, he agrees to take her to find her friend Scott. Scott hasn't seen her in years but they grew up together. He's having problems with a roommate so he's been staying with his brother and sister-in-law. Scott is a weird character - deeply unsettling and quite creepy. He's seeing a girl, Mandy, who works front desk at a motel. Everyone in the book ends up there and some weird things end up happening.

I did find this quite a chilling book but didn't altogether gel with the characters. Kevin was my favourite. I wanted to know what happened and found myself rushing towards the end.

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