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Pumpkinheads by Rainbow Rowell and Faith Erin Hicks - Review

Friday, May 15, 2020

My friend Lucinda bought me this book for my birthday and I knew I needed to get to it soon because I am still trying so hard to get through the books I got at gifts. I love Rainbow's books and was intrigued to read this, as it's a graphic novel. I don't read many graphic novels although I appreciate a lot of work and talent goes into them. I picked this up mid April just because it was still hanging out round the side of my bed!

The premise is that Josiah and Deja are both workers are a pumpkin patch in the United States, and have been for the last few years. However, they're now both seniors, so this is their last season there. Plus it's the last night! After this, it's the end! 

Deja is determined to make tonight different. The two of them usually work in the succotash hut (I had to look up what that was) but tonight everything's a bit switched around. Josiah has had a crush on a girl who works in the Fudge Shoppe for years, and Deja is encouraging him to go for it, to talk to her and ask her out, before it's too late forever. 

The two of them then go on capers around the whole park to try to find her. Deja is determined to try every kind of snack food there is available while they're running around everywhere. They bump into two of Deja's exes, one male and one female, and go on quite a wild goose chase to try to find the girl. 

I loved the ending - it was perfect, and very sweet. I loved the art, too. Deja is brown skinned and chubby, so I loved her look a lot. I loved the whole kind of brown and orange theme going on - it added to the autumn theme of the book. I'm not knowledgeable about graphic novel art, but I liked this a lot.

I'm giving this five out of five - it's a very cute story, with a lovely ending. 

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