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Christmas Books 2020

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

I just wanted to share with you the books that I got for Christmas. I was really lucky, I got a load. My friend Laura always buys me books, plus I asked Lee's sister for the Derry Girls book as she never knows what to buy us, plus I did two Secret Santas that were book related. Oh and Lee's brother bought me a book too! I was absolutely spoilt! Here's what I got:

Erin's Diary - a companion book to the TV show Derry Girls. I can't wait to get to this, I bet it's hilaruous. 

The Offing - Lee's brother bought me this - it's set in Durham where Lee's family is from, so that'll be nice to read

FOXES - this is the third in the trilogy by M A Bennett and my mum bought me this. I'm looking forward to seeing where the story goes

The Long Call - my friend Laura bought me this; I have read a few books by Ann Cleeves and enjoyed them, although not for ages. So I'm looking forward to this, too

The Ghost of Gosswater - I haven't heard of this at all but I do now like gothic novels, so Laura bought this for me too. It sounds good!

Melt My Heart - this came from one of my Secret Santas. I enjoyed Bethany's first book, so I'll look forward to this too

Queer Folk Tales - my friends Leanne and Adi bought this for Lee and I. It sounds perfect for me! 

You Should See Me In a Crown - my friend Lucinda bought this for me, she really enjoyed it and thinks I will too. I've heard good things about it

Radio Silence - one of my Secret Santas sent me this too. I hear so many amazing things about Alice Oseman, but haven't ever read much by her, so it'll be good to read this

Boy Parts - I loved this! So my Santa chose well! I read it on eBook, so I'm glad to own it in paper - I always like to own books in paper even if I read them digitally. Plus it makes it easy to lend to people

The Falling in Love Montage - I'm intrigued by this, and am not really sure if it's my kind of thing, but I'm willing to give it a go. 

Last year, I challenged myself to read all the books I'd been given for Christmas and my birthday, instead of letting them languish on the shelves, and I did pretty well with that challenge. So I'm setting myself the same challenge for this year - let's see how I do! 

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