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Silent Night by Nell Pattison - Review

Thursday, January 7, 2021

As soon as I'd read The Silent House by Nell Pattison I pre-ordered the next in the series, Silent Night. I had enjoyed the first one so thought I'd give the second a go, too. Having read the second, I've already pre-ordered the third, because I think this one was even better than the first! The writing issues that I found in the first book weren't at all present in the second. It felt like a much better written book which let the story shine. 

The main character in the book is Paige. She grew up as the only hearing person in a Deaf family. Her parents are now dead which only leaves her and her sister, Anna, who is now living with her. Paige works as a sign language interpretor between the police and D/deaf people, and she is now seeing Max, who she met during the course of the last book. 

She gets called by the police to go to Normanby Hall, not too far from her home in Scunthorpe. There, five residential teenagers from a local school for D/deaf pupils have been on a weekend trip. But one of them, Leon, is missing, and the headteacher, Steve, is found murdered on the grounds. It looks very much like Leon did it and then scarpered, but his friends aren't sure that can have happened. They're keeping secrets, as are each of the teachers in the school. 

Then, it turns out that Paige's abusive ex boyfriend, Mike, also works at the school. He's determined to speak to Paige, but Paige definitely wants to avoid him and isn't thrilled about talking to him. The story of what happened with him comes out over the book, which I found compelling and a good look into her character and past. 

I generally felt like this book flowed a lot better and was really good; I'd recommend it! I would have liked a little bit more of DI Singh, because I love the sexual tension between him and Paige, but I'm just being picky! 

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