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Keep Him Close by Emily Koch - Review

Thursday, March 18, 2021

I got this on Netgalley, so many thanks to Random House UK for granting me the access. I liked the sound of the book, and really enjoyed reading it, although I'm not sure what genre to put it in? It's not a crime procedural, but it's not quite a thriller either. I guess it's just in Crime Fiction. 

To begin with, I really disliked everyone in this book, except for Kane, the young man who has admitted to the crime. However, my opinion did change and I felt like the characters grew throughout the book.

So first of all, we meet Alice. She is a librarian, she has two sons called Benny and Lou, and she's pretty closed off to everyone in her life. Her ex, Etienne, left when the boys were tiny. She's never really forgiven him. She is a huge snob. It's her birthday, and Benny and Lou go out for the evening. She's woken up by police coming to tell her that Lou has died, falling from a car park in town. 

Meanwhile, Indigo, mum of Kane, who is eighteen, wakes up the next morning and finds Kane sitting in the kitchen. He tells her that Lou is dead, and that he ran away, and she encourages him to go to the police station to tell them what he knows. After a few hours, he is arrested. He has confessed to pushing Lou off the car park and is remanded in custody. Indigo is certain that he is innocent, and sets about proving it.

Alice and Indigo meet, although one of them doesn't know who the other is to begin with. Everyone is keeping secrets, and there are plenty of red herrings and twists to keep the reader guessing. I did guess one twist, although I also picked up on a red herring that in the end came to nothing! 

I liked the book and read it quickly because it kept me guessing and kept me reading. I liked Indigo towards the middle, and even liked Alice at the end. I'm giving this four out of five. 

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