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The Liar's Handbook by Keren David - Review

Saturday, July 31, 2021

This is one of those Barrington Stoke books that in paperback are set out in dyslexia friendly fonts and on thick paper, although I read it electronically. But a while ago I bought a few of these books on Kindle for around 99p each. I've read a couple of them, but always forget they're there, but I was scrolling through my Kindle library and remembered, so I went for this one. It took me almost no time to read so was perfect for the time I needed. 

River is a teenager and up until just before the beginning of the book he's lived with his mum. His dad disappeared before his mum even had chance to say she was pregnant, so River's never known him. However, Tanya's boyfriend Jamie had just moved in and River is suspicious of him.

River is known among his friends and teachers for telling tall tales. He is determined to find out something about Jamie though, who seems too good to be true. He does unravel some interesting things about Jamie, but no one will listen to him. Then River sees an interesting tattoo at a football match, and things start to unravel...

This is a lovely little book, I really enjoyed it and I'm glad I read it. I'm giving it five out of five. 

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