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The Stories You Tell by Kristen Lepionka - Review

Sunday, July 4, 2021


I recently read the third in the Roxane Weary series, which was the third one my library had. There is a fourth but I guess if I want to read that I'll have to buy it. I really like the series and would recommend it. Roxane is a Private Investigator and is the daughter of a cop who was killed on duty a couple of years ago. She has a fractious relationship with her mother and her oldest brother, Matt, but she's friendly with her brother Andrew, who is a barman. She's also close to Tom, who is also a cop. She has an on again off again girlfriend, Catherine (I think?). In this book things are mostly on between them. Roxane is working on a case over counterfeit leggings which isn't thrilling but is paying the bills. 

Roxane gets a call from her brother in the middle of the night. She goes over and it turns out that this girl, Addison, turned up at his apartment, very upset and scared of something. She asked to use his phone and spoke to an answering machine, and then left Andrew's apartment very quickly. Rozane believes Andrew's version of events, even when it turns out that Addison got him fired from his job at a hotel a few years ago. 

Roxane goes to try to find Addison, but her housemate hasn't seen her. But Roxane isn't the only one looking for her - a cop by the name of Mickey Dillan (again, I think) was looking for her a few days previously. Roxane tries to get in touch with him, to ask why, but can't locate him. His body then turns up in the river, and Addison is definitely missing. Suspicion falls on Andrew, but Roxane is trying to find Addison's family and friends to prove her brother innocent. 

I liked the mystery of this, and I liked the ending and what had happened. I'm giving this four out of five. 

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