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Hope to Die by Cara Hunter - Review

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

You know I love Cara Hunter's books - I've read all the previous Adam Fawley books and had ordered this so that it appeared on my Kindle the day it came out. It feels like forever since one came out, and in the book we're only three months after the events of the last book. Adam and Alex's new baby, Lily, is now three months old. That means it's still 2018, and I do worry how the author can keep writing these books without skipping time forward a bit as it's now 2022. Oh well! I'm just glad there's a new book and I picked it up immediately.

At the beginning of the book police are called to a manor in the country where a man has been shot. The owners, Richard and Margaret Swann are determined that the young man was a burglar and that they shot him in self defence. However, Adam and his team don't believe them. The young man has no posessions or identity stuff on him. He can't be identified visually either. So DNA is taken from him. The team starts investigating and finds that the Swanns aren't who they say they are - and Adam realises who they are just as the DNA comes back. Their daughter, Camilla Rowan, is currently serving at least 17 years for murdering her newborn baby. Although a body was never found, and although Camilla swore that she passed the baby over to its biological father, and even given that Camilla did this with two other children, she was found guilty of killing the baby and the Swanns had to change their names and move house in order to escape the abuse sent towards them. 

But now it turns out that the young man killed in their house was Camilla's son, their grandson. Did the Swanns know that? Did Camilla know he had made contact with them? Witnesses say that it seemed like he arrived and went up to the front door, and other things like that. But the team can't find exactly who he is or where he came from. 

Most of this book is told from Adam's point of view, which is fine, but I missed seeing a lot of Ev's point of view or either Gislingham or Quinn's. That's really my only criticism of the book because I really enjoyed the mystery and the various red herrings that were present. I loved the end - it had a real tense aspect to it. I'm giving this five out of five and as ever I'm really looking forward to the next one! 

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