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The Sisters by Claire Douglas - Review

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

I'm writing this review three weeks after I read this book and it was quite forgettable, so I'm struggling to remember what it was about. That's a shame, because I enjoyed the other two books I've read by Claire Douglas much more than I enjoyed this one. I'm writing this a few weeks after finishing the book and I'm struggling to remember much about it. 

Abi is a twin, who used to live with her sister and their friend. But her twin was killed in a car accident and Abi had a breakdown shortly afterwards and is only now managing to live independently. She has moved from London to Bath, near to where her parents are, and is living in a small flat by herself. She sees her sister everywhere, thinking she sees her all over town. But then she meets Bea, who really does have a resemblance to Abi and her twin. Bea invites Abi to an open house at the huge house Bea owns, and when she goes, Abi finds herself getting drawn into Bea's world. She also has a twin, Ben, and the two tell the story of how they tragically lost their parents when they were young, which is how they can afford such a huge house. 

Bea is a jewellery maker and the house has three other residents who are artists too. One moves out, and Bea asks Abi to move in. Abi's friend thinks it's a very bad idea, but Abi is desperate to prove that she's fine, and desperate to be liked, so she does. However, she has only been there a few days when strange things start to happen. Precious things of Abi's go missing, an expensive piece of jewellery that Bea made is stolen, and a dead bird appears on Abi's bed. The immediate suspect is Cass, who is a photographer, who is jealous of Abi and Bea's friendship. Or is it Bea, made jealous by Abi's flirting with her brother, Ben? Or is it Abi herself, trying to get everyone to pay attention to her?

I felt like the premise of this was good but it just wasn't quite pulled off for me. I'm giving this three out of five.

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