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Scareground by Angela Kecojevic - Review and Blog Tour

Thursday, September 14, 2023

Hello and welcome to my blog for my stop on the tour for Scareground by Angela Kecojevic! It is so nice to welcome you to my blog - please do have a look round some of my other reviews! 

I liked this middle grade historical fiction book. It's about Nancy, who is twelve years old and who lives with the Crumpets, who are the local bakers. They adopted her after she was found abandoned as a baby. Their house is filled with love and flour and salt, but Nancy still has questions about what happened to her birth parents. Why was she found in a ghost carriage, for example. 

Nancy has a best friend, Arthur, whose father is the local doctor. She slips out of the bakery at night to jump across the rooftops to meet him. The two send letters to each other too. One day they find a black balloon with a raven's feather tied to it, and then they learn that the Scareground fair is coming back. It's run and owned by the Tombola family and by Skelter Tombola in particular. The Crumpets are unhappy to hear that the fair is back and ban Nancy from going. But she's so intrigued that she knows she must secure a ticket for herself and for Arthur. 

Nancy has two secrets. Firstly is the birthmark on her wrist that is shaped like a silver horse. She was teased about it at school so she never shows it anymore. Secondly is the fact that she can talk to the sky and the sky talks back. She's a bit of a loner but she and Arthur do get on well. They head off to the fair and come face to face with Skelter... 

This is a cute middle grade book with some genuinely scary parts. I liked the symbolism and the mysteries contained within the fair. The blurb says the book is suitable for fans of Jennifer Killick but I think it skews for a slightly younger audience than that. I would say it's best suited for ten to eleven year olds. I liked it though! 

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