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The Vengeance of Samuel Val by Elyse Hoffman - Review and Blog Tour

Saturday, September 30, 2023

Hello and welcome to my blog for my stop on the tour for The Vengeance of Samuel Val by Elyse Hoffman! It is a pleasure to welcome you here. Please do have a click round and read some of my other reviews. 

So this is a novella and I think it counts as Young Adult because Samuel is himself a young adult through the book. The book is set in World War Two. Samuel is Jewish and he is in synagogue one morning with his family - mother, father, and three little sisters - when one his sisters needs something from home. He goes to find it, but while he is gone the Nazis move in and set fire to the synagogue, killing everyone inside. Samuel runs to the scene, but is shot by a Nazi leader. Samuel is Russian and his entire village is gone. 

He is saved by the Black Foxes, an underground resistance movement. He swears vengeance on the Nazi, but he also gets involved in the resistance movement and is given the task of getting a fellow Jew to safety. He escapes prison in an SS uniform, with the other person, Amos, alongside. He has to get Amos to safety with another Black Fox, but as he does, he gets the chance to take his revenge. Will he do it? 

I liked this novella and would read something else by the same author definitely! You know I like World War Two fiction anyway, and especially that to do with the Jewish experience of such. This is a good addition to the work, especially because of the age of the protagonist. I'm giving this four out of five. Thank you so much for having me along on the tour! 

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