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There Is (Still) Love Here by Dean Atta - Review

Wednesday, January 24, 2024


My sister in law bought me this for Christmas, it was on my wishlist because as you'll know, I really like Dean Atta's books and I didn't realise he had released a new one. Someone mentioned it on Twitter so I added it to my wishlist. I read it really quickly because it's a small collection of poetry, but I really enjoyed it and am so glad I got it.

This collection of poetry isn't completely a collection in that there's just one theme or anything, but it fits together really well and feels really cohesive. There are poems about love, about loss, about ethnicity, about heritage, including Dean's Greek Cypriot background, about Covid lockdown, about his partner, and more. There's some really beautiful turns of phrase in the poems, including a gorgeous line about radiators, of all things. I really felt like I got to know Dean as a person as well as as a writer through this collection. 

I'm lending this to my friend, and I am giving it five out of five. I am so glad I read it. Sorry this isn't as long a review as usual, but I would definitely recommend this collection if you're already a fan of Dean's, and also, if you're not. 

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