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Queerbook by Malcolm Mackenzie - Review

Sunday, April 7, 2024

I got this book from Amazon recently because I had a goft voucher from my work for Christmas and hadn't spent it yet. I had seen the book while spending a different voucher in Waterstones, and was highly tempted, but went for other stuff instead. So I got this off Amazon and picked it up really soon after it arrived.

It's a book about LGBTQIA+ people, and is aimed at teenagers and young adults. It's all written in an accessible and fun way, with little boxes and diagrams and fun illustrations. I liked this because it made it really easy to read. There are many parts to the book, including sections on identity andterms, queer spaces, queer history, queer culture, and some helplines and so on. Each sup chapter within these sections are just a few pages long at most, meaning this is a brilliant book to dip in and out of. 

There's a lot of stuff about the 'first' queer people to do X, which was really interesting and which places us firmly in the culture which has borne us. There are mentions about historical people who may have been queer, and those who definitely were. I'm way past the intended audience of this book but it still taught me a lot of things about history, and it gave me some new to me media to check out, like films, TV programmes, and books. I need to write some lists actually to remind myself about some of these things!

I would recommend this to any teenager, queer or not, just so they can learn some things and hopefully make some connections. I'm giving this five out of five, it's a very good little book. 

Plus. who can resist an endorsement from Gillian Anderson?! 

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