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Takeout Sushi by Christopher Green - Review and Blog Tour

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Hello and welcome to my blog for my stop on the tour for Takeout Sushi by Christopher Green. It is a pleasure to welcome you to my blog. Please do have a click around and read some of my other reviews. I don't often read books of short stories but when I do I often find myself enjoying them. I was really intrigued by the sound of this book so I signed up for the tour. 

I read this book really quickly and really enjoyed all of the stories, which is definitely a rarity for me. I also really liked the illustrations before each story which give a little hint as to what the story will be about. Definitely check them out too.

I particularly liked the stories set in Japan. About two thirds of them are, but a few at the end are set elsewhere. My favourite ones were the one about the robots, the one about the jogger having a run in with a sports car in the car park, the one about the 'creep' in the cafe, and the one about the man who picks things up on Tokyo streets and keeps a collection. A lot of these stories have stuff in common - they're about world weary people living in Tokyo, in a fast paced city, with long commutes, futons to sleep in, neighbours close by. I liked that they seemed so similar - I could imagine that these people were all neighbours of each other, all involved in the same universe, all just living simultaneously. 

Of the stories not set in Japan I liked the one about the renaissance painter the best. 

It's hard to write good short stories but Christopher Green has definitely managed it. I would read something else by him and I'm giving this collection a very good four out of five. Definitely check it out!

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