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The Book of Queer Prophets Edited by Ruth Hunt - Review

Wednesday, July 3, 2024

My next book for Pride Month was this non fiction book. I've had it a few years; it was a present from my friend Leanne for Christmas one year. I've been meaning to pick it up for ages and I finally got round to it and I'm really glad I did. 

I am really interested in faiths of all kind. My undergraduate degree was in Theology and Religious Studies and it's something I've kept up with throughout the years. I work for a faith based charity even though I'm not religious myself. I had some religious trauma growing up so I don't worship, but I find all faiths and none absolutely fascinating. So this book was right in my interest zone! 

I knew some of the names listed so I was really interested to read things by them. These included Amrou Al-Kadhi, Jeanette Winterson, Dustin Lance Black, Jay Hulme, Juno Dawson and of course Kate Bottley, who writes the afterword. I really enjoyed these pieces, especially Dustin Lance Black, whose history I had no idea about but it was fascinating to read. I liked Kate's afterword, too - she is straight and she talks about coming to a place of needing to fight for queer people within her faith. It's a really honest piece and I appreciate it. I also really liked Juno Dawson's - she no longer has a faith so that was interesting to read too. 

The pieces are mostly written by Christian people or people who used to be Christians but are no longer. Amrou is Muslim but I think they were the only Muslim represented. There are a couple of Jewish people which I also really liked reading as Reform Judaism seems to really accept LGBTQ+ people and want them in the faith. Most of the Christians are still practicing and a lot have gone into ministry, which is really interesting to read about even if it's not something I would be interested in myself. I like hearing people's testimonies and this is basically what this book is in one way or another. 

I also liked to read about people's anger with their faith, whether they had gone back to it or not. There has been so much crap slung at queer people within all faiths, and I am so glad that these people were so honest about their walks with god or indeed not. 

I'm giving this five out of five and am wondering who I can pass it on to! 

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