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Taken Moons Candles - Review

Friday, March 9, 2018

A few weeks ago all the bookish people I follow on Twitter were abuzz about a tiny company called Taken Moons which sells bookish inspired candles. Now, I am a huge fan of candles. I nearly always have one burning on my desk, I buy Yankee Candle ones at Christmas and from outlets, and I pick up others from little gift shops throughout the year. I love all different kinds of scents but my favourites are sweet, citrusy flavours (there's a Yankee Candle one called Star Anise and Orange which I LOVE - I think it's perfect for winter). I also like supporting small businesses, so I thought I would treat myself to a candle.

There's a bunch of different flavours to choose from on the Etsy shop, but I went with "Just and Loyal" for two reasons. One, I liked the scent of "honeysuckle and green tea" and two, I am supposedly a Hufflepuff and I like being both just and loyal! I don't think the price is bad - I would pay £8 for a similarly sized candle in a gift shop.

So, I ordered, and then I waited, and then I realised that I hadn't received the candle so I messaged the shop. The owner and maker of the candles is called Rebecca like me and honestly she couldn't have been nicer. She apologised profusely for the parcel going missing in the post, and said she'd pop a replacement in the post for me immediately. This was slightly scuppered by the snow, but again she messaged me to apologise which I totally understood as I hadn't left the house either! I appreciated that she had kept me informed, though.

Anyway, the candle arrived today, nicely and safely parcelled up. The jar was full to the brim, which is nice. I lit it straight away. It's soy wax, which you might care about although I don't, but I do keep more of an eye on my soy candles as I find they burn a bit different to paraffin or beeswax and often need to be sheltered from any draught. The fragrance is great - I definitely get the honey sweetness with a bit of that grass scent of green tea underneath. It has a nice "throw", too - meaning you don't have to be close to the candle to get the smell.

Since my first parcel had gone missing, Rebecca had included a voucher for me for free postage if I wanted to buy another candle, and I have to say that I'm so impressed with Taken Moons that I think I'll definitely get another! Now, which one...?

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