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The Miseducation of Cameron Post - the Film

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Exactly a year ago I posted my review of The Miseducation of Cameron Post, having loved the book and having found it really painful to read. I knew the film was being made, so all year I've been keeping an eye out for it. I think they had distribution problems or something, but then I heard it was coming out in the UK in September. I asked my partner Lee to come with me and we decided to go out for something to eat first. We took advantage of Lee's 2for1 deals that he got through his car insurance, meaning we got two for one on cinema tickets and on a whole range of restaurants - I chose Chiquitos because I love it! It was a really nice evening out.

Lee hadn't read anything about the film, so it was all totally new to him. I thought that was really good, I think it enhanced his enjoyment a lot. I remembered a lot about the book, but I had read a couple of reviews, one of which mentioned that graphic self harm scene from the book, so I'm glad I was prepared that that was coming.

In the book, Cameron doesn't get sent to God's Promise until about halfway through. We read much more about her life before, and about the girls she has fallen in love with. We understand her a lot, about what makes her tick and what she cares about. We understand Aunt Ruth, even if we don't sympathise with her. I felt like this was lacking a bit in the film. I wish we'd seen more about Cameron as a person. But Lee felt like you did get to know her properly, he felt like she was constantly watching what was happening and you understood that she was beyond all this bullshit quite early on. I've also read a review which concerned Chloe Grace Moretz's acting and which said she was perfect and understated, so that was good and something which I agreed with even though I haven't seen her in anything else. I do wish we'd seen more of Cameron's back story though, including all her scenes at the pool.

I liked Adam, I thought we saw enough of him to really understand him as a person. Forrest Goodluck was perfect, I'm glad they cast him. I didn't feel like we saw enough of Jane to really get what she was about, and Lee agreed. Was the character black in the book? I don't remember that she was, but Sasha Lane was perfect. I wish we'd seen more of the ending of the film, but actually filmwise I think it made perfect sense.

I really liked it; it's very hard hitting and the subject matter still makes me angry (you can't "pray away the gay" and such projects are abusive), but I loved seeing it on the big screen and I'm glad we went.

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