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Elly Griffiths in Derby

Thursday, December 6, 2018

If you've read this blog for any length of time you'll know that I love Elly Griffiths and her books. I first read the first Ruth Galloway books way back in 2010 and quickly became a fan. Since then I've read everything Elly has published and often pre-order her books so I know I'll have them when they come out. My dad died in 2008 and I really wish he was alive to read Elly's books as I think he'd like them too. A love of crime fiction was something we had in common, even though his tastes were much darker than mine.

Elly's Ruth Galloway novels are my favourites, I love the mix of crime and theology and myth, and I like Ruth herself. I've enjoyed the Stephens and Mephisto novels, though. Elly's latest book is a standalone novel called The Stranger Diaries, it's a gothic novel. She was doing a book tour for it and the closest place to us was Derby, so I bought tickets for my partner and I and off we went.

The event was held at Waterstones and was actually on the day that the book was released, which also happened to be All Saints' Day. Elly first of all told us about her career in writing. Her real name is Domenica de Rosa, and she has several books published under that name. She took up a pen name to publish the first Ruth Galloway novel. Apparently she does now answer to Elly even though it isn't her name! She was engaging to listen to.

Then she read an extract from The Stranger Diaries, and then she answered audience questions. We had quite a long discussion about who would play Ruth and Nelson if the books were ever made into a television series! Then she signed her books.

I bought myself a copy of The Stranger Diaries, and I had also taken all the paper copies of her other books that I could find. I know there's a couple missing - I think I may have lent me to my aunt! I know I've read all the Stephens and Mephisto novels as ebooks, though. Elly very kindly signed all the books, and we had a really nice chat. It was lovely to meet her! I think I'll read The Stranger Diaries over Christmas...

During the reading

Me and Elly

All my lovely signed books!

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