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The Woman In Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware - Review

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

I saw this book on someone else's book blog and was immediately hooked. I preordered it and again it was on the pile of books that arrived in October, so I picked it up. 

I was hooked because the book is about a cruise ship, and I've just been on a cruise myself (my posts about the week we had around the Mediterranean are here on my other blog). Lo is a travel writer and invited on board an exclusive ship to go up the Norwegian fjords. When she arrives on board she meets a whole raft of characters, including her ex boyfriend and the ship's owner and his beautiful wife, who is ill with cancer. 

In the night she's woken by the sound of someone being pushed overboard from the balcony of the cabin next to hers. Lo is a little out of sorts because her flat was broken into just before her trip, so she's on high alert for the person next door. She reports what she heard to staff, but the problem is that there's no passenger missing off the boat. Staff try to make out like she's mistaken, but she's sure she isn't. There's no way for anyone to have got on or off the ship, so is she now stuck with a murderer?

I liked the intrigue, and I liked most of the story, but I felt it lost its way a bit towards the end. I liked Lo and I liked the interspersed newspaper accounts which gave the reader more information about Lo and about what had happened. Still, I would read more by Ruth Ware - which is just as well as I've another by her on preorder right now!

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