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Moose Baby by Meg Rosoff - Review

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

And finally here's my last book of 2018. Not reviewing any books in November 2018 really put me behind, and I'm sorry. Happy New Year, anyway. I hope you read some brilliant books in 2019.

I needed a small book to read on the 30th, because I wanted to get to a nice round 80 and I knew I wouldn't have any time to read on the 31st. I usually read in bed and after you've been out on New Year's Eve who's got time for reading? Not me, for sure. I plugged my phone in to charge at 2am and went to sleep.

Lee pulled out a few short books for me, and I picked this one up. It's yet another of those short Barrington Stoke books which are easy to read and good for dyslexic people, I must own at least ten of these novellas and I think they're great little stories.

This book is about Jess, who is seventeen years old and who, at the beginning of the book, has just had a baby with her boyfriend, Nick. Only this is no ordinary baby... Their baby is a moose.

A bit unusual, sure, but Jess and Nick soon get used to it. They have to navigate social workers, nurseries, and puberty, all before they're twenty-one years old. This is a really funny book, I liked it quite a lot. I'm giving it four out of five.

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