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An Evening with Angie Thomas

Saturday, March 9, 2019

On Thursday I was lucky enough to have tickets to see Angie Thomas on her book tour in England. I was terrified I wouldn't get tickets, so back in January I was stalking Bradford Literature Festival's website to get them, and I managed to get tickets for Lee and I. So we went off to Bradford early (getting to Bradford is always a pain from my house) and waited outside Waterstones in the Wool Exchange for a bit, and then got in! There were over 150 chairs and tons of young people. Nearly all the seats were taken! Lee and I sat at the back.

There was a poet called Sophia who interviewed Angie and performed a poem of her own, and who was excellent - I really should look her up because I'd like to read more by her. She asked Angie some questions and Angie responded brilliantly. She spoke so passionately and from her heart about why she wrote The Hate U Give and the message she wants people to take from it. She talked about being censored and how that means she's doing something right. She talked about On the Come Up and how Bri is a totally different character to Starr and speaks more from her heart. She also spoke about her next book, which honestly can't come quickly enough for me!

There was a Q&A session which included lots of people of colour thanking Angie for her books, which was fantastic to hear. Then a signing! I had stupidly forgotten my walking stick, so Lee queued for me (thanks love!) and then I slipped in at the end. Angie was really lovely and signed my books. I really do like meeting authors and telling them how much I enjoyed their books, and seeing other people meet them too.

Bradford Waterstones is in the old Wool Exchange building, it's gorgeous!

Sophia and Angie

I never smile with my mouth open in photos, but I like this photo a lot!

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