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Cream Buns and Crime by Robin Stevens

Saturday, March 16, 2019

I got this book for Christmas - I knew it was missing from my collection of the Wells & Wong books and asked my partner to buy it, and then we were in an independent bookshop in November in Helmsley and it was in there, so I pressed it into Lee's hands and made him buy it to put away for Christmas. The other night we were going through some of my books and I thought ooh, I'll pick that up to read now!

It's a mixture of things - a bit of a compendium if you like, like the Enid Blyton compendiums I used to read and love as a child. There are three Wells & Wong mysteries, written from Daisy's point of view. I've read a couple of them before because they were available on Kindle. I liked the one about the Deepdean Vampire. There's a couple of chapters written from the Junior Pinkertons' point of view - both Alex and George get their own chapters and there's a mystery that happened at their school which made me want a whole novel from their point of view! There's non fiction stuff about spies, mysteries, and baking (you always need cake to go with your reading!). There's a couple of chapters that Robin herself has written, which I really liked too.

It's a cute companion book and I'm glad I read it. Nine out of ten!

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