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Brave by Rose McGowan Blog Tour

Saturday, March 2, 2019

March 5th 2019
Published by HQ
in paperback, ebook and audio book

“Sensationally explosive…a battle cry you want to get behind.” The Sunday Times Culture
“This memoir is more than just BRAVE, it’s a game-changing, tooth bared roar of defiance” The Mail on Sunday

Hello there! I'm really happy to welcome you this morning to the blog tour for Rose McGowan's book Brave, her unflinching memoir. I was asked to be part of this tour and gifted a copy of the book by Harper Collins, so my thanks go out to them first of all for the book and the opportunity! While I was gifted a copy of the book, I was not compensated in any other way for this review and all thoughts and opinions remain my own. Brave is published in paperback on 5th March 2019.

I have grown up with Rose McGowan - I think I was first aware of her in the late 90s when she was engaged to Marilyn Manson. I was a big Marilyn Manson fan and loved the photos of the two of them together. Rose always seemed so pretty but also badass and in charge of herself. I then really loved her in Scream, one of my favourite films, where she plays Sidney's best friend Tatum. So it really is a pleasure to have been asked to join in this tour, because I was really interested in the book.

I of course heard about Rose in late 2017 when she opened up about the abuse she had suffered in Hollywood, most especially by Harvey Weinstein, who she refers to in the book as The Monster. She detailed the lies and cover ups that Hollywood was involved in, and helped give birth to the Time's Up and #MeToo movements. I knew Hollywood was bad, but hadn't really taken into account how young women especially are taken advantage of at the very least. I hope the movements don't lose momentum - it's beyond time this sick stuff stopped. I also think that the vast majority of women, in Hollywood or not, can relate to the kinds of stories we're now hearing.

Anyway, that's how I came to Rose's book - knowing a little bit about her in the 90s, and more recently in relation to MeToo. I didn't know anything about her early life, but she grew up in a cult in Italy which sounds horrible abusive, and then ran away from home before making her way to Hollywood. The book is hard to read, not only for the details of sexual assault and rape but also because the reader is forced to look at their own role in being complicit in covering up abuses. I would say take care of yourself if it's hard to read, but ultimately it's worth it. I hope young women who may think that being taken advantage of is the only way to get anywhere read it and realise that that's not true. I hope there's a seismic societal shift.

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