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Year in Review - 2019

Monday, January 27, 2020

How many books read in 2018?
107, although Goodreads had me on 105, I'm not sure what happened although it may be due to books I didn't finish? I had put my challenge at 60 books and way surpassed that. I think it might be the first time I've ever read over a hundred books in one year!

How many were on paper and how many electronic?
I read 49 paperbacks, 40 ebooks, and 18 hardbacks. That's way more hardbacks than I usually read! I think that's because I preordered some books, which turned out to be hardbacks, and because I read some books that were gifts. The ebooks I read were mostly from Netgalley, although I generally tried to request fewer books on there and tried to get to ones I was excited about relatively quickly. I think I did quite well with that actually. 

I read one graphic novel, which isn't something I'm usually into but I had had The Wicked + The Divine recommended to me. 

Fiction/Non-Fiction ratio?
I think I only read five non fiction books - a book about camping that I read first thing in 2019, Uncomfortable Labels by Laura Kate Dale, Happy Fat by Sofie Hagan, The (Other) F Word, and I Am I Am I Am by Maggie O'Farrell. I don't enjoy a lot of non-fiction, but I do like creative life writing like a lot of these are. 

Male/Female authors?
I read fourteen books by men this year and a further six that were either co-authored by men or had contributions from men in anthologies. This is actually more for me than last year by nearly 50%, and I think this is partly because I read more crime in 2019 which is often written by men. I think I said in my review that I was surprised when I learnt that S K Tremayne is a man!

I don't know that I read any nonbinary authors, but I maybe just don't know that they are. 

I read books by queer women and trans women and women of colour and disabled women, and any intersection thereof. A couple of the men I read were men of colour or queer men. 

Most books by a single author?
I read three books by Cara Hunter and I think that was the most.

Favourite book(s) read?
Oh gosh. I really enjoyed Jack of Hearts (And Other Parts) by L C Rosen, Early Birds by Laurie Graham, Dry by Neal and Jarrod Shusterman, The Silent Companions by Laura Purcell and The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater. 

Least favourite?
I haven't finished a book that I didn't like in 2019, I gave up on books a lot sooner if I wasn't enjoying them. I don't review books that I don't finish very often, because I think it's mean to authors! 

Oldest book read?
I guess technically it was Fire in the Blood by Irene Nemirovsky, as the words were written before her death in 1942

Any of the Netgalley ones that aren't out yet. A friend of mine got into Netgalley in 2019 and really enjoyed all the digital copies she managed to secure! It is a great resource. 

Longest book title?
It's got to be The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee, hasn't it? 

Shortest title?
Pulp by Robin Talley. I had forgotten how much I liked that book actually. 

How many re-reads?
I honestly don't think I reread any books in 2019! It's not something I do a lot - there's so many new books to read!

Any in translation?
Not to my knowledge. 

How many of this year's books were from the library?
Ten! I kept a much better record of this in my bullet journal/catch all journal, on a page near my list of books. I requested a couple of books to come into my local library for me, which I find really useful. 

Here's to 2020's books! I've set my Goodreads challenge as eighty books, although I would like to surpass this. We'll see!

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