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Love That Journey For Me by Emily Garside - Review

Sunday, February 6, 2022

Lee bought me this book for Christmas. I had seen it on Twitter so sent it to him to buy me. I love Schitt's Creek; I only got into it in the first 2020 lockdown and watched the end episode around January 2021 (I like to space things out when i enjoy them...). I love the queer representation in the show, so this was definitely a book I wanted to read.

I was left a little disappointed by it, though. It doesn't really go deep enough for me - it skates over several important theories and points, but without investigating any well enough. Plus it really needed a good edit and proofread - there were quite a lot of mistakes in such a short amount of text that really should have been picked up. 

But it did make me want to watch Schitt's Creek again, and I think as a cute introduction to queer theory in Schitt's Creek it's pretty cute. Probably one for the die hard fans! 

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