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Heartstopper Vol 2 by Alice Oseman - Review

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

I placed holds on all of the Heartstopper books at the library because I really wanted to read them, but they came in the wrong order so I've had Vol 3 out of the library for ages and keep getting overdue notices... but I had to get Vol 2 first and then read it! So I finally did! I knew that the first series of the TV show encompassed this book as well, so I wasn't surprised to see some of the storylines, including the lovely trip to the beach when Nick and Charlie have decided they're officially boyfriends. I loved that bit both on paper and on the TV! 

I liked seeing which bits were different, and why I thought certain editorial decisions had been making in putting the graphic novel on to the screen. I liked the fight between Nick and Harry, and I liked Tao because I just like Tao. I'm giving this five out of five because these are just such joyful books. 

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