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The Woman in Blue by Elly Griffiths - Review

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

You know I love Elly Griffiths, I've read almost everything she's published under that name, and I've got three new books by her to get to too, which I'll do soon I promise! But I was intrigued when someone in my book club chose The Woman in Blue for us to read. I decided to reread it and I'm excited to see what everyone else thought about this book. I've said I will take my other books of Elly's if anyone would like to borrow them. I wonder if reading just one out of context will make sense to people? I also wonder if the person who chose the book has read the others in the series - unfortunately I can't ask her because she's dropped out of book club, but we decided to meet informally in August anyway to discuss this book.

So, last time I read this book I didn't give it a glowing review actually, but over the years since then I've remembered it as one I liked a lot, so I went into it with that mentality, and have only read my previous review after finishing the book, and I disagree with myself five years ago! I remembered the mystery of this book much more than some of the others, and I'm pleased to have had the chance to reread. 

At the beginning of the book Ruth is contacted by a woman she knew way back when, when she was an archaeology student. Hilary is now a Church of England priest, and she's been receiving some nasty letters about the place of women as priests. She's about to come to Norfolk to attend a course in Walsingham, a place of pilgrimage, and she wants to meet up with Ruth. Ruth is intrigued, but a little wary.

Meanwhile Cathbad is catsitting for a friend near St Simeon's Church when he sees a vision of a woman looking a lot like the Virgin Mary - wearing white and blue. He doesn't think anything of it until the body of a young woman is found the next morning. She was a patient at a local rehab clinic and is a model. She made a couple of friends there, one of whom quickly comes under suspicion. 

There's lots of suspects in this book, a lot of dodgy people, a whole bunch of red herrings. Nelson finds out about Michelle's affair with Tim, and I can't quite remember how that resolves itself, but he's also quite nasty to Ruth which I do not like! I loved the reread and am giving it five out of five. 

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