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Three Girls by Katie Clapham - Review

Monday, September 5, 2022

Where did I get it? I bought it at Northern YA Lit Fest and had it signed by Katie after I had listened to her panel. 

What's it about? It's about three girls - not surprisingly - called Lena, Minnie, and Alice. At the beginning of the book they're photographed for some publicity shots at their college, posed together as if they're friends, but in actuality they aren't. 

Alice has a couple of friends but no one she's very close to. She's very tall and decides to take up running. She uses an app which is a bit like Couch to 5k, and doesn't tell anyone about it. She has a crush on a boy in her art class and she loves her aunt and her baby sister. 

Lena is very sporty - her dad is a personal trainer and runs a running club - but she always seems to come in second place to Minnie. She is friends with three girls, the main one of whom is kind of a bitch and always trying to bring the others down. She calls Alice "Big Alice" and polices the others' food intake and stuff like that. Lena realises she has to move apart from these girls throughout the book.

Minnie is on the netball team and while she's friendly enough with the other girls on it, she doesn't exactly have a best friend. She's got her boyfriend, Daniel, so she spends a lot of time with him. She may get scouted to play netball at the county level, but then she breaks her shoulder and is out of the game for a while. This makes her reflect on her life and what she really finds important.

The three girls end up bonding over something which is both trivial and profound. The ending of the book is absolutely joyful and I really liked it. I liked all three girls and loved their character developments throughout the book 

What age range is it for? Thirteen plus, probably, there's really nothing salacious in it 

Are any main characters LGBTQ+? No 

Are any main characters people of colour? Yes, Lena (and her dad I think?). 

Are any main characters disabled either mentally or physically? Minnie gets injured but it's not told in a graphic way 

Is there any sex stuff? No 

Are drugs mentioned or used? No 

Is there any talk of death? No 

Are there swear words? No 


What criticisms do I have? Almost none - it's a really cute book! 

Would I recommend the book? Yes definitely 

Why did I choose to read it at this point in life? I'm still determined to get through all the books I bought at the festival! 


What do I think of the cover? It's really cute, I love it. I also got a bookmark from Katie which is very cute too! 


What other books is it like? It reminded me of stuff by Sara Barnard, only aimed a tiny bit younger 

How many stars? Four out of five 


Where is the book going now? I'll definitely keep it! 

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