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Name Upon Name by Sheena Wilkinson - Review

Sunday, November 27, 2022

I bought this book in Ireland when I was there in 2016. I meant to get to it much sooner but forgot about it, but then something reminded me so I dug it out. I was not thrilled by this book so it took me ages to read even though it's so short. It's a shame because I think it could have been so much better. 

Helen is fourteen and lives in Belfast with her Catholic mother and Protestant father. She goes to church with her father. Her mother is often ill, and her dad's family are hostile towards her. It's 1916 and World War One has been raging for two years. Helen's cousin Sandy has been injured on the front line so has been at home while he recuperates, but he's about to go back. He then goes with Helen to visit her mother's family, including her cousins Nora and Michael.

Michael wants to go and join the British army, but his parents are dead set against it. They want an independent Ireland, and don't think he should be fighting for the British. Nora is antagonistic towards Helen, which has repercussions later on in the book. 

I gave this three out of five as it really just wasn't my thing.

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