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The Swimmer by Graham Norton - Review

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

I was looking on the library system for Graham's new book, Forever Home, and saw this one, which I haven't read. I wasn't expecting it to be such a small book - it's one of those short story things - but that was fine, I still really enjoyed the story and am giving it five out of five.

A woman called Helen lives in Bantry Bay in the south west of Ireland, in a house right on the coast. She lives with her sister, Margaret, who irritates her and upsets her peaceful retirement. One day, Helen is sitting in the coastal garden when a man passes her on his way to swim. He is carrying a distinctive carrier bag, and speaks briefly to Helen. She watches him swim for a while, and then she falls asleep. When she wakes up an hour later the carrier bag is still on the beach and Helen gets worried. She raises the alarm with the local barman, Pat, whose life isn't panning out exactly as he would have wanted.

Police are called and reckon the man has drowned. They identify him as Tom Shine. Margaret goes on the TV saying she spoke to the man, although that's a lie and only Helen did. Helen and Pat begin to get close, playing chess together in the pub. Then Helen goes up to Dublin and meets a familiar stranger...

This is a cute story, I liked it!

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