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They Lie Here by N S Ford - Blog Tour and Review

Friday, April 21, 2023

Hello and welcome to my blog for my stop on the tour for They Lie Here by N S Ford! I previously reviewed We Watch You by the same author so do click through to that review. Also please do have a look around my blog in general. I review a lot of different genres of books!

I liked We Watch You a lot so when the chance to review something else by N S Ford popped up I jumped at it. This book is quite different but still with a creepy edge to it. It's set in Waelminster, an old city in the north Midlands, I think. I was trying to match it with a real place and the closest I could come to was Lincoln, so I imagined it like that. It sounds a bit like York, too! A woman called Kat Green has just moved there. There's a band from the city called Scorpio Hearts, who were an electro-pop group in the early 80s who achieved some success before their songwriter Roskoe Darke left the band and mysteriously disappeared. 

Kat is determined to find him. She has done this before with stars who have been reclusive, and each time she has managed to find them and they've resparked their careers. She has bought a ton of Scorpio Hearts memorobilia and has contacted a few people who might know what happened to him. She is perusing a charity shop one day when she finds an old record of theirs and goes to pick it up. However there's someone else reaching for it at the same time - someone who introduces himself as Seth. He's keen to get to know Kat, but she finds him a bit full on.

Then there's her neighbour, Ellie, who is a nurse. I found her a really creepy character and thought for sure something would go one way with her, so I was surprised when it didn't! Plus someone seems to be following Kat round Waelminster. The book takes somewhat of a sci fi turn, which I had read in the blurb and wasn't certain about, but actually it was quite believable and really fitted in with the narrative. Kat also has secrets of her own she wants to keep buried, but nothing is quite as it seems - least of all the pretty city itself. I also loved the last few lines, they made me shudder!

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