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Letting Go by Cat Clarke - Review

Monday, April 13, 2020

Did you see that Barrington Stoke put all their ebooks on sale at 99p on Amazon? I went through and bought ten of them - for less than a tenner I don't think I could complain at all! I love the Barrington Stoke books as they're all such cute novellas. They're easy to read for an adult like me especially in the current climate when I was struggling to get into what was my next book club book. I gave up on it, which almost never happens. It was late on Sunday night and I dipped into the first of the books I'd bought, Letting Go.

I've read a couple of Cat's books before, but not for a long time. I like her characters and when I read that this book was about queer teenage girls I knew I wanted to read it.

It's about Agnes, and at the beginning she's on her way up a mountain with her ex-girlfriend Ellie and Elli's boyfriend Steve. They are going to go and scatter the ashes of Ellie's mum, Janice, as it's her birthday. This is a promise that Agnes made to both Ellie and Janice before Janice died, and she doesn't feel like she can break it now, even though she really dislikes Steve. The feeling is entirely mutual, and all the way up the mountain Ellie is trying to keep the peace between them.

I really liked this, it's a cute little story. Four out of five!

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