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Check Please #1 by Ngozi Ukazu - Review

Saturday, January 22, 2022

I was hanging out with my friend Leanne between Christmas and New Year and she mentioned this graphic novel, about a gay hockey player called Bitty. I don't know why she mentioned it, but it piqued my interest and I also reckoned my friend Chloe would have heard of it. So I messaged Chloe, and she told me where to get hold of the book. I always enjoy the graphic novels I read, so I don't know why I don't make the effort to read more of them. Maybe I'll make that resolution for 2022!

So Eric R Bittle is a figure skater but he's at Samwell University on a hockey scholarship because he can obviously skate. The novel is told in 'episodes', which are as if Bitty is doing a vlog to the reader and is telling you what has happened since he last vlogged. I liked this, I think it's a cute way of telling the story. Bitty joins the team and finds the rough and ready hockey players a bit difficult to understand and get on with, but then he wins them over by baking in the hockey house. 

He also really hates being checked (a hockey thing!) and has to fight with letting that happen in a game without totally freezing. The team captain is called Jack Zimmerman, and he's the son of famous hockey player Bob Zimmerman, and is under a lot of pressure from him to perform. But he and Bitty work really well together as a team, and score points in games.

I really liked the novel, I thought it was very cute and really sweetly drawn, with a lot of humour in it. I'm giving this five out of five! 

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