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The Books of 2021 - Round Up

Monday, January 31, 2022

How many books read in 2020?

96. I would have liked to get to a hundred, but I never seem to quite get there. December is busy so I never end up reading as many books as I would like to, so maybe in 2022 I should get ahead of myself a bit. 

How many were on paper and how many electronic?

I read 50 paperback books, thirteen hardback books (which I find hard to read sometimes in bed because of pain in my hands) and 33 ebooks (which means the Kindle app on my tablet). I often read ebooks when I'm on holiday as I find it easier, and I do have a lot of crime novels on there haha. 

Fiction/Non-Fiction ratio?

Let's see... I read seven non fiction books, which is up on the three I read in 2020. At least half of those were memoirs. 

Male/Female authors?

I read, as far as I know, sixty-two books by women and 31 by men, and three which were anthologies. As far as I know, I didn't read any books by non binary people. I skew towards books by women, but in 2021, I think because I've read more crime novels, I've read more men than I would usually. 

Most books by a single author?

I read three by J R Ellis, all in the series about DCI Oldroyd and all of which I thoroughly enjoyed. I really must get to the others soon. 

Favourite book(s) read?

The villa in Italy, After the Party, The Vanishing Half, Summerwater, Boy Everywhere, Concrete Rose, All Among the Barley

Least favourite?

It's got to be Get A Lift Chloe Brown which I didn't finish and which I wrote about why on the blog. 

Oldest book read?

As last year, I tend to read modern books, published after 2010, but skimming through my journal.... It was The Villa In Italy by Elizabeth Edmondson, which was published in 2006. 


It must be We Watch You, which was out just into 2022. 

Longest book title?

How the One Armed Sister Sweeps Her House by Cherie Jones, which I loved

Shortest title?
Cuckoo by Sophie Draper I think 

How many re-reads?

I don't think I reread ANYTHING, because there's always too many new books to be discovered! 

Any in translation?

Not to my knowledge. 

How many of this year's books were from the library?

Ten! I tried to order some books in that I know I don't need to keep, and once I went back to craft club in September, I went back to browsing sometimes on my way out of the library!

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