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Our Souls At Night by Kent Haruf - Review

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

This book was the January choice for my book club, chosen by Margaret H, who, as I've said before, always ends up choosing books that I really love. So I had high hopes for this, which I haven't even heard of, although I have seen that it is now a film starring Jane Fonda. I'll have to watch that soon!

I'm hoping to be away for my birthday when book club is happening, but thanks to Covid who knows if that will actually happen. If it does, I'll email my thoughts about the book to the group. If Covid stops us I'm sure I can attend the virtual meeting! 

The book is a short novel about two older people, Addie and Louis. Both are widowed and live on streets close to each other in Colorado. One day, Addie has a proposition for Louis: that he should come over some nights and sleep in the bed next to her, so that both can be less lonely. 

Louis is somewhat taken aback, but agrees, and thereafter heads over to Addie's at bedtime. Slowly the two get used to each other, and start to talk about their lives, about their late spouses, and about the death of Addie's daughter Connie when she was a child. It becomes obvious that others in the neighbourhood know the two are seeing each other; they come up against some resistance 

Then into their lives comes Jamie, Addie's grandson. He is dropped off at her house by her son Gene, because Jamie's mother has left and Gene can't cope with him. Jamie is six and is at first shy and withdrawn and prone to nightmares. He oftens ends up sleeping in the bed with Addie and Louis. Louis ends up adopting a dog for him, and Jamie seems happier and more settled than he ever has. But Gene disapproves of Louis' relationship with his mother. 

I really enjoyed this, I liked the quiet and unassuming nature of it. I'm giving it five out of five!

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